OpenMBU Releases

 Beta 1.16


Downloads: 1.89K

File Size: 31.75MB

# OpenMBU Beta 1.16

## Summary
This release includes fully functional multiplayer, and a few other things.

## Changes/Additions
- Multiplayer without port forwarding
- Join friends with invite codes or quick match to find random matches
- Marble shadow is now exactly the same as it is on Xbox 360
- You can now limit your FPS to specific amounts

## Bug Fixes
* Fixed #114 (UI elements degrade in quality when multiplayer gem collection text is visible)
* Fixed #113 (Camera glitches out when you move the mouse too fast)

 Beta 1.15


Downloads: 277

File Size: 31.73MB

# OpenMBU Beta 1.15

## Summary
This release has many additions, fixes, and changes. It is one of our biggest releases so far!
You should expect a drastic performance increase with this version. In some cases up to a 10x increase!

## Changes/Additions
- Implemented Interior Testing
- Spawn quickly in multiplayer if there is only the host
- The glow/bloom effect now matches the Xbox 360 version exactly
- Some partial support for DirectX9 Fixed Function
- Render code cleanup
- Startpad ring now looks the same as Xbox 360
- Some rendering optimizations
- Future support for GGConnect if we ever need it
- New UI for mouse support (you can switch to the Xbox 360 one in the options)
- You can now right click to go back in menus
- Partial support for MBG Mines for future use
- Added option to set preview camera in the editor
- Custom level support for SinglePlayer
- ``-editor`` command line argument to use the editor
- Added plate_1_small material for ease of level building with the plate texture
- Started working on Leaderboards (not functional yet)
- Reverse engineered more engine functions
- SinglePlayer GemHunt (from MBO)
- Chat in Multiplayer (from MBO)
- Added euler rotation to editor
- Levels are now identified by GUIDs to help with leaderboards support
- New score format due to GUIDs
- Scores should automatically convert to the new format, if any of them fail, they will be backed up to an ``old_scores.cs`` file
- Added VSync option

## Bug Fixes
* Fixed lots of console errors
* Fixed graphics bugging out when changing resolution
* Fixes for Gui Editor
* Fixed checkpoint flickering
* Fixed massive bottleneck with rendering, expect drastically increased framerates
* Fixed being unable to instantly use multiple powerups

 Beta 1.14


Downloads: 564

File Size: 31.54MB

This is our first release with help from RandomityGuy, who was able to fix many rendering bugs!

* Reverted Moving Platform Performance Fix due to issues
* Fixed Marble lighting
* Fixed Glow being offset
* Glass now matches MBU on Xbox 360 perfectly.
* Progress towards native linux support (can now compile and run but there is no rendering)
* CLang support for compilation on windows
* The blue parts on the startpad are now closer to that of the Xbox 360 version.
* Optimized rendering performance.
* Cleaned up some decompiled code
* Fixed Glass flickering

 Beta 1.13


Downloads: 198

File Size: 31.55MB

* Updated Renderer to TGEA 1.7.1 version
* Audio now uses OpenAL for everyone (removed XAudio)
* Fixed Glass Rendering (matches MBO)
* FPS Display via Ctrl+F
* You can now adjust the level of detail of reflections on the marble in the video options. (This allows you to reflect pads, items, glass, etc..)
* Various changes to allow MBG support. (You will have to compile it yourself with different options in torqueConfig.h for that)
* Fixed Warning Materials not always working properly.
* Slightly Improved moving platform performance.

 Beta 1.12


Downloads: 270

File Size: 29.30MB

This is our most stable release so far!

* Fixed marble physics in multiplayer
* Fixed scores not showing up in the multiplayer lobby after a match
* Fixed incorrect font colors in the multiplayer lobby
* Fixed Fonts often rendering incorrectly
* Fixed an uninitialized variable that had the possibility of messing up the physics.
* Fixed error message with the auto splitter potentially printing garbage data.

 Beta 1.11


Downloads: 202

File Size: 30.44MB

* Added achievements
* Fixed bug where analog inputs on some controllers couldn't quite reach the max value
* Fixed marble reflection rendering
* Fixed blast rendering
* Added autosplitter for use with LiveSplit
* Other small graphical/bug fixes

 Beta 1.10


Downloads: 291

File Size: 31.00MB

* Networking fixes
* Fixed potential crash for marble physics
* Fixed crash with GUI editor
* Fixed XBOX buttons in UI not being clickable
* The animation when you finish a level is now framerate-independent and should now look the same as on console
* Fixed potential audio issue when running with DirectSound
* Fixed other various minor issues

 Beta 1.9


Downloads: 148

File Size: 35.46MB

* Fixed Moving Platform Jitter/Desync (not 100% but almost perfect)
* Fixed Vertical Bounds
* Fixed some mistakes throughout the physics and moving platform code (should work much better now!)

 Beta 1.8


Downloads: 30

File Size: 35.45MB

* Fixed Respawn animating from arbitrary location
* Fixed HiFi Networking (FINALLY!)
* Fixed Host loading faster in multiplayer, giving them an advantage

 Beta 1.7


Downloads: 24

File Size: 35.46MB

- Implemented some BitStream functions
- Implemented PathedInterior::doSustainSound
- Some work on compiling with Clang (thanks HiGuy)
- Preview Objects now all within SimSet
- Ability to check if an object is meant for preview mode from script
- Refactored RenderInstance Managers
- Refactored some general render code
- Cleaned up some hifi code
* Fixed Marble Sound Pitch Issue (thanks thearst3rd)
* Fixed Editor Axis Handles
* Fixed some rendering issues
* Fixed dark astrolabe and clouds
* Fixed a hifi issue

 Beta 1.6


Downloads: 143

File Size: 35.47MB

* Fixed lighting and potential crash when entering lobby after a match
* Fixed x64 not working with a controller
* Fixed console spam of no MissionCleanup group for multiplayer clients
* Fixed some pointers being truncated in x64

 Beta 1.5


Downloads: 25

File Size: 35.47MB

* Experimental x64 Support
* HiFi networking should be mostly functional now (less moving platform jittering/multiplayer collision bounce back)

 Beta 1.4


Downloads: 22

File Size: 30.69MB

* Fixed bug where you could pause on the end screen with the select/back button on controller
* Project now uses CMake.

 Beta 1.3.1


Downloads: 29

File Size: 33.85MB

* Fixed crash with translucent materials

 Beta 1.3


Downloads: 20

File Size: 33.83MB

* Fixed lighting on start pad
* Fixed sounds replaying when unpausing the game

 Beta 1.2


Downloads: 22

File Size: 33.85MB

* Fixed controller inputs getting stuck
* Fixed open file dialog rendering
* Fixed offset particles
* Fixed powerup particles not working correctly
* Fixed rolling sound playing on pause menu
* Fixed checkpoint transition/fade
- Escape key now un-pauses game

 Beta 1.1


Downloads: 39

File Size: 26.54MB

* Fixed Glow brightness
- Added Icon, and changed exe name

 Beta-1 - First Open Source Version


Downloads: 80

File Size: 26.22MB

The initial version as of open sourcing.